Developer Hackathon

2020 marked the debut of the Developer Hackathon at Relativity Fest. Normally an internal event for Relativians, we opened up the Hackathon to our developer community for the first time.

A panel of judges determined winners for Most Innovative and Most Creative, and we opened voting for a People's Choice award. Congratulations to our 2020 winners!

2020 Participants

DLA Piper

E-Discovery Calculator by DLA Piper

Team Replace With Clever Name: Eric Mangusi

We have several E-Discovery calculators that we use outside of Relativity to estimate costs and reviewer time for a case. These calculators use information such as pre-processed data size, file types and de-duplication estimates to calculate final document counts/sizes and review time. I would like to create an application that incorporates pre-processed data size, file types and de-duplication estimates calculators into the Relativity workspace itself via custom pages. In addition, I want the application’s features to grow with the case.

Contact Discovery Services

FindBates by Contact Discovery Services

Team Contact Discovery: Sean Gunter, Rashida Truesdale, Zack Schanz, Michael Fuchs, and Samantha Saravong

Searching for Bates numbers is often more complicated than expected due to citations within docs, searching for ranges of docs, or cases where multiple sets of Bates numbers are used. This is especially true for legal case team users that regularly attempt to search for and have difficulty isolating long lists of Bates numbers cited in briefs, discovery responses, and other attorney work product. FindBates will be aimed at solving those issues and simplifying the searching experience for the average Relativity user so those users are empowered to navigate the platform to perform more functions without admin support!


Location Viewer by Cellebrite

Team Cellebrite: Danny Rosenzweig, Osher Keinan, Lavinia Chivu, Avichai Shahar, and Shahaf Rozanski

Easily display location information within Relativity.


Plan-It (Planet) by Anexsys

Team Constellation Prize: Stu Craft, Alex Horn, Joe Shepherd, Thomas Walters, and Steven George

This app helps project managers automate key processes in Relativity Server saving them valuable time and speeding up the availability of data to the end client. It does this by bringing 'if this then that' functionality to Relativity allowing PMs to schedule and chain tasks together. This frees them up to focus on the client's specific project needs rather than on a generic process.


Relativity Script Scheduler by Deloitte

Team Works on My Machine: Robert Kever, Asmita Chouhan, David Ho, Todd McDonald, and John Fuex

Adds a screen for the workspace admin to schedule Relativity scripts to run at a designated time, or on a recurring schedule. Results would be emailed to a configurable list of users.

Sandline Discovery

Relativity Yell by Sandline Discovery

Team Sandline: Jon Lin

Relativity Voice Commands

Gilbert + Tobin

Special Theory by Gilbert + Tobin

Team MD5 Hashbrowns: Adrian Agius and Tony Chan

Large corporate transactions require the use of specialist deal room software to facilitate the buying/selling process. The functionality of these deal rooms are bespoke and engage a whole host of parties, and different end-users. Platforms like Relativity facilitate a number of these functions in different ways, but not for the explicit purpose of facilitating a transaction. Our product will extend Relativity to logically be used as a deal room, removing the need to use external platforms.

JND eDiscovery

Virtual Helpdesk by JND eDiscovery

Team #60BB46: Ben Sexton, Michael Vacha, and Rachel Billstein

We plan to create a support ticketing system with real-time helpdesk chat/video sharing functionality. We will use a custom object for each support ticket, allowing users to easily link documents directly to each issue. We will also integrate a helpdesk chat tool that will allow users to instantly contact their team lead/support group without navigating out of Relativity.

Oasis Discovery Partners

Yeet by Oasis Discovery Partners

Team DROP TABLE Document: Jarrod Kimmel, Paul Wendt, Edwin French, Jacob Dababneh, and Eric Prince

A set of dynamic objects, event handlers, agents, and custom page that allows a user to perform operations similar to Transform Sets using regular expressions. A user enters one or more sets of a source field, a regular expression and a destination field and can run an operation that finds matches to the regex in the source field and stores those matches in the destination field.

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