Is Relativity Fest really free?

Yes! We're committed to connecting with members of our community from around the world who haven’t had the chance to join us in person in Chicago.

What time zone will the event be in?

All times listed in the event are Central Time. We have made considerations in scheduling our programming to serve the needs of our global audience as much as possible. More information will be available soon.

Can I sponsor Relativity Fest?

Yes! Call for sponsors is open until September 3, 2020. Learn more about our sponsorship packages.

Will there be a Relativity Fest 2021?

Yes! We plan to host our in-person event September 29 - October 2, 2021, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, taking all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of our attendees.


What email should I register with?

We recommend registering with the email that you use for your Relativity Community account. If you don't have a Community account, then we suggest registering with your work email. If you have any questions about your Community account, please reach out to socialmedia@relativity.com.

Can I register a group?

No, we ask that every person registers individually.

How many members from my organization can register?

No limit. All users are encouraged to register.

Are competitors allowed to register?

We will not be opening registration to our competitors.

Exams & Trainings

How do I qualify for a complimentary exam?

In order to receive your complimentary exam code, you will need to attend three live sessions during Relativity Fest.

How are the on-demand complimentary exams delivered?

After Relativity Fest, we will send you a code that you can use to register for a complimentary Pro exam. Codes can be redeemed through the Relativity Community from October 5 – December 11, 2020.

What complimentary exams can I take?

You earn a voucher to take the RelativityOne Certified Pro, the Relativity Certified Sales Pro, or the new RelativityOne Review Pro exam which will go live on September 14.

When will I receive my complimentary exam voucher?

If you meet the requirements for earning a complimentary exam, you will automatically receive your complimentary exam voucher no more than two weeks after the event. You will not need to email the team for the voucher.

How long will I have to take my exam?

If you attend three live sessions, we will send you a code after the conference to redeem your exam. This code will be valid from October 5 until December 11, 2020.

Are there any restrictions or technical requirements I should consider for the complimentary online exam?

Yes, we recommend you first review the Compatibility & Requirements section of our FAQs.

Can I receive more than one complimentary exam?

No, attendees will only receive one complimentary exam at Relativity Fest. If you're interested in retaking an exam or attempting a new certification, you can sign up and pay for the exam online or at a testing center via the Relativity Community.

Can I transfer my complimentary Relativity Fest exam to someone else?

No, the Relativity Fest exam is non-transferable.

Why are you only offering Pro exams?

The Relativity Pro exams are baseline certifications and are considered the best points of entry into the Relativity certification program. We restructured our virtual Relativity Fest offering to help attendees be most successful.

How can I register for my complimentary exam?

You can register for your complimentary exam through the Relativity Community site. Within two weeks after Fest, you will receive an exam voucher from the Relativity Certification team. This voucher can be used for an online exam, or an exam at a testing center. You can then use this voucher as payment for your exam. Learn more about registering for an online exam.

Will the registration “add-ons” (such as RCA exams and trainings) be available?

We will not be offering these in conjunction with Fest. However, we're still offering both RCA exams and trainings in a virtual format through the end of the year. Find out more about the RCA here, and get more information about our trainings here.

What is the training raffle?

Relativity will give away five closed-enrollment trainings to five randomly selected attendees who visit with Relativity Fest sponsors. Winners will be able to choose from the following trainings:

  • RelativityOne Overview
  • Legal Hold
  • Productions & Data Transfer
  • Relativity 101
  • Admin Essentials I
  • Admin Essentials II
  • Processing
  • Analytics

RCE Credits

Can I earn RCE credits at Fest?

Yes, you can earn RCE credits at Fest. You can earn 2 RCEs per live session you attend. If you hold multiple certifications, you will receive RCE credits for each certification.

  • RCAs can earn a maximum of eight RCE credits.
  • Specialists/Pros can earn a maximum of six RCE credits.
  • Everyone can earn two bonus RCE credits by completing a hands-on exercise survey, for a maximum of ten RCEs for RCAs and eight RCEs for Specialists/Pros.

Can I earn RCE credits for taking a hands-on exercise?

Yes. Hands-on exercise attendees will receive a survey link after hitting the "complete lab" button. You can earn a maximum of two RCE credits by completing the survey.

If I already have enough RCE credits for the year, can I roll over the credits earned at Relativity Fest?

No, credits earned at Relativity Fest cannot be rolled over.

When will the RCE credits earned at Relativity Fest appear on the Relativity Community site?

RCEs credits will appear on your Community site account no more than two weeks after the event.

CLE/CPD Credits

Will there be CLE sessions offered at Fest this year?

Yes, we plan to offer 8+ sessions that will be eligible for CLE credits for our attorney and paralegal attendees.

Do you have continuing education credits for attendees from outside the U.S.?

Yes, we will offer 8+ CPD credits this year for non-U.S. attorneys and paralegals.


How many sessions will be on-demand?

There will be more than 50 sessions available on demand.

How do I register for my breakout sessions?

The complete list of breakouts will be launched closer to the event date. More details will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

Will live content also be recorded and available after the event?

Yes, most live sessions will be immediately available for on-demand viewing. Those sessions that are not recorded will be noted in the session catalog. More information on where to access the recordings will be available closer to the event.

Will you still be providing hands-on exercises?

Yes, below are the hands-on exercises we'll be offering:

  • Aero UI Hands-On Tour: Take a test drive of the simply powerful new user experience in RelativityOne.
  • The Power of Active Learning: Use active learning to take a case from start to finish in a matter of minutes by quickly training the system to find relevant documents and then validating completion.
  • Cracking the Case: A Relativity Visualization Whodunit: Investigate a classic murder mystery case with help from Relativity's visualization tools. Follow leads, uncover clues, and narrow down your list of suspects as you work to crack the case and find the culprit!
  • The Wonderful World of Searching: Learn how tools like concept search, regular expressions, proximity searching, and document intelligence can help you quickly uncover relevant documents and conduct a more focused review.
  • Case Dynamics: Hamilton vs. Burr: Use Case Dynamics to piece together the details of the famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Can you organize the clues and evidence to help solve the case?