Why Sponsor Relativity Fest?

For Relativity Fest 2021, we’re building on everything we’ve learned about putting on a first-class virtual event.

We’ve streamlined the platform experience, introducing the Exhibitor Resource Center (ERC), which offers a simpler process for collecting and uploading content to the event platform. Plus, you’ll receive a branded marketing package, so you can create your own event-branded promotions.

Relativity Fest 2019 - Attendees


2020 Fest Attendees

Relativity Fest 2019 - 4.1 Overall Rating


Overall Rating

Relativity Fest 2019 - 86% Would Sponsor Relativity Fest Again


Would Sponsor Again

Relativity Fest 2019 - 61 News Stories


News Stories

Relativity Fest 2019 - 4,468 Relativity Fest Hashtag Uses


#RelativityFest Uses

Attendee Breakdown:
2,509 Lit Support | 1,329 Law Firm | 546 Corporation | 410 Government | 209 ISV | 154 Trace | 183 Other

2021 Sponsorship Package

Because Relativity Fest is returning as an all-virtual event, we are offering just one sponsorship level this year.

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“I felt like we got great ROI out of our sponsorship. Sponsoring broadened our exposure to a record audience and gave us more opportunities to show who we are and have fun with the attendees.”

2020 Sponsors