Relativity Fest 2021

The theme this year was “catalyst,” inspired by our collective experience over the past 18 months. Innovation across our industry has been catalyzed by the rapidly changing shape of data, and we’ve all been forced to find new ways to keep up. Check out some of the highlights from this second virtual Relativity Fest.

The Judicial Panel: Five prominent jurists discussed 2021 data law decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court as well as international legal issues, data privacy and data protection, and e-discovery legal topics.

The Relativity Innovation Awards: We closed out Relativity Fest by celebrating the individuals and organizations who take Relativity to the next level.

The Best of Fest

Accelerate Results by Streamlining Your Data's Path from A to B

Collections for e-discovery, investigations, surveillance, and compliance are at a tipping point. New platforms and ways of communicating are springing up at an increasingly rapid rate, dramatically altering the way people communicate and muddling data collection. As a result, simply getting data from point A to point B can often involve a lot of complex steps, but many organizations are approaching this process in a fundamentally simpler way.

Finding Real Risk and Ignoring the Rest: Artificial Intelligence in Surveillance

Anna Griem, senior analyst at Opimas, shared how the surveillance industry is adopting artificial intelligence (AI), including success stories and limitations. You'll also learn how Relativity Trace is developing a robust set of purpose-driven AI capabilities to detect risk and reduce false positives by up to 92 percent compared to legacy systems.

Tackle New Challenges with Text IQ's Cutting-Edge AI

More than 80 percent of enterprise data today is unstructured, human-generated data, and it is only growing exponentially. This data can be fraught with risk: sensitive or privileged information exchanged over email, chat, or sitting inside a comment on a spreadsheet. Identifying sensitive information is like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Fortunately, recent advances in AI have made it easier to navigate what seems like an intractable challenge.

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