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The Judicial Panel
The e-Discovery State of the Union
The Cone of Silence: Legal Developments on Attorney-Client Privilege
The International Panel
The GDPR and its Ongoing Ripple Effect: International Transfers, Copycat Laws, and AI
Third Annual FTI-Relativity General Counsel Survey
The Associations: A CEO Roundtable on What They Can Do for You

The Judicial Panel: The Relativity Fest Judicial Panel returns for its eighth annual program to discuss and analyze the most important legal developments of the year in data discovery. We’ll examine 2021 data law decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court as well as international legal issues, data privacy and data protection, and e-discovery legal topics, including cooperation, proportionality, and sanctions, as well as the role of judges in the e-discovery process.

The e-Discovery State of the Union: What are the latest legal and business developments affecting e-discovery law and practice? Join us for the pulse of the profession and the industry as lawyers, retired federal judges, and industry analysts look at issues affecting you, your company, and your job. We’ll have a leading recruiter discussing the latest on the e-discovery and data privacy job markets, and we’ll analyze the COVID effect, the business outlook, and the case law comprising the e-Discovery State of the Union in 2021.

The Cone of Silence: Legal Developments on Attorney-Client Privilege: The Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work Product Doctrine are among the most important legal principles for e-discovery professionals. Whether you’re an attorney, paralegal, or technologist, privilege protection can make or break your case. Join us for this session where four attorneys with different perspectives analyze recent case law and other legal developments affecting privilege, including the recent proliferation of data privacy and data protection issues. We’ll examine these issues from the law firm, corporate, and government perspectives.

The International Panel: What is the definition of “artificial intelligence,” and how does it affect international e-discovery? On April 21 of this year, the European Commission proposed the Artificial Intelligence Act. As the proposed act attempts to define “artificial intelligence,” this year’s Relativity Fest International Panel will address this issue and more. Moderator Chris Dale will lead the eighth gathering of the International Panel, with lawyers analyzing legal developments from Australia to Austria on topics ranging from ephemeral data to data privacy.

The GDPR and its Ongoing Ripple Effect: International Transfers, Copycat Laws, and AI: The GDPR came into effect over 3 years ago, and it remains one of the most comprehensive privacy regulations in existence. Its significance and wide-ranging impact continue to be felt by organizations and individuals around the globe. In this session, we will discuss some of the cascading effects of the GDPR on the privacy landscape and the regulation of data generally. Our panel of attorneys and industry experts will provide insight into the latest international data transfer updates, some examples of copycat data protection laws being enacted globally, and the EU’s proposed AI regulations that seek to further expand protection of individual rights in a very GDPR-like spirit.

Third Annual FTI-Relativity General Counsel Survey: What are the most important issues facing general counsel today, and how do these issues affect you, your job, and your organization? For the third straight year, Relativity has partnered with the FTI Technology segment of FTI Consulting to provide deep insights into critical issues and trends impacting the legal profession. Conducted by Ari Kaplan Advisors, the General Counsel Report examines issues such as regulatory risk, cybersecurity risk, law firm spending, ALSP spending, technological competence, and inclusion and diversity initiatives, and we’ll be discussing the results in this Relativity Fest program.

The Associations: A CEO Roundtable on What They Can Do for You: How can our industry's professional educational associations advance your career? Join us for a program where the presidents and CEOs of the leading legal technology professional associations discuss the missions of their organizations, the educational opportunities they offer, and the networking opportunities from each. We'll discuss how they can help you succeed as a legal technology professional.

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