2017 Innovation Awards Submissions


RTK.Message by Anexsys allows you to import, filter, and review message data from enterprise chat and social media sources, such as Twitter, as Relativity documents. RTK.Message has a built-in processing engine, which supports a variety of message formats as well as a message parser framework which allows new sources to be rapidly created.

Bricker & Eckler
Land Tracker

Bricker & Eckler used Relativity to build a solution for a natural gas distributor in the process of developing an interstate pipeline to organize information related to thousands of real estate documents and manage the data of multiple landowners, tracts, and lawsuits. The user-friendly system compiles documents from a variety of sources, even creating litigation documents with the click of a button.

Complete Discovery Source
CDS Data Store

CDS Data Store keeps culled data easily accessible for clients in case of changes in search terms, additional litigation, or data reuse. The solution reduces the costs of reprocessing data and increases efficiency by allowing users to archive or restore data in “near-line” storage at the push of a button, in an easy and secure way.

Custom Data Transfer Tool

Compliance created a simple drag-and-drop processing tool that takes data from transfer to publish in one step. Built on Relativity and integrated with IBM’s efficient transfer tool, Aspera, the solution allows their clients to securely transfer their own data to Compliance, giving clients more control over data loading.

Control Risks

Fully integrated with Relativity, AV-X by Control Risks allows users to transcribe and review audio and video files from within the native Relativity viewer. The transcriptions are associated with the various input channels and each sound is scored for algorithmic confidence. Text can be edited for increased accuracy and indexed to become fully searchable. Review and redactions are made easier with automatic parsing of audio into sections and built-in translation allows for side-by-side comparison of the transcribed source language and the translated version.

Control Risks

Control Risks developed FL-X, a tool for automated, cloud-based translation on the fly. Fully integrated with Relativity, the translated text can be added to the index and made searchable. Files can be translated into many languages, all accessible in line with the original file in the Relativity environment.

Envision Discovery and McGuireWoods
Privilege Log Threader

When opposing counsel insisted that all missing emails in all threads be logged in the database, McGuireWoods needed a tool to identify missing emails, log each as an individual record, normalize the names for any privilege log, and segment all the threads in an email, allowing for targeted searching. McGuireWoods reached out to the Relativity Community, and Envision stepped forward to help create this solution.


Evolver created XLerator to eliminate the timeworn, manual process of Excel review by allowing users to review, redact, and produce native Excels, without leaving Relativity or using the native Excel application. XLerator handles large data sets, allows for many redaction types and mass redactions, de-duplicates files, tracks audit history, and more, all while syncing with familiar Relativity features such as permissions, mass actions, and searching.

Fidelity National Financial
Automated DAT Conversion Tool

Fidelity National Financial created a tool to migrate 500 Clearwell matters into Relativity. They created a solution to automatically convert Clearwell tags to Relativity choices so they could be imported using the Relativity Desktop Client. The tool has saved them months of manual conversions on these files, while also removing the possibility of manual errors.

H5 Matter Intelligence

H5 created Matter Intelligence to provide maximum transparency and engagement with their customers through a suite of collaboration and reporting tools. A unique interface provides a comprehensive view of project tasks, billable services, expected costs, and data center health. Project managers and attorneys can collaborate via a ‘feed’ showing all case activities, generate and share reports on the fly, share webs links and attachments, and chat directly within the tool. Matter Intelligence eliminates manual and standalone reporting activities and provides comprehensive visibility to clients on their matters, saving them time and money and helping them be more responsive to their own clients.

Cellebrite Integrator

HAYSTACKID LLC’s Cellebrite Integrator allows users to review and produce data extracted from mobile devices in Relativity. A recently added feature, message level de-duplication, allows for a time variance window when flagging duplicates. De-duplication can be performed across multiple devices and extraction types, including iChats harvested from computers.

Production Assistant

Production Assistant by HAYSTACKID LLC effectively automates the process of adjusting load files in accordance with varied specifications. The tool offers a solution to the time-consuming issue of converting endless potential formats into clean, accurate data files that are up-to-spec with individual client demands.

Review Progress

HAYSTACKID LLC built Review Progress to comply with specific reporting needs for monitoring review progress. The tool allows clients the flexibility to pull document decision data directly and quickly to present key metrics to their clients.

iDiscovery Solutions

MobileThread by iDiscovery Solutions allows users to import, review, search, and produce mobile device conversations in a native format. Texts, chats, and other SMS and MMS conversations can be reviewed in Relativity with metadata preserved, conversation and message relationships maintained, and full search capabilities in place.

Kilpatrick Townsend
LitSmart® Exhibit Sticker

Kilpatrick Townsend developed the LitSmart® Exhibit Sticker to reduce last-minute scrambles to manually apply exhibit stickers. Fully integrated with Relativity, the application enables users to add exhibit stickers—tailored to the case and court—with the click of a button. This not only reduces time and money spent, but also reduces the risk of error.

NightOwl Discovery

NightOwl’s DecisionCenter is a suite of tools allowing case managers and reviewers to leverage common information across multiple matters. When there is a significant overlap of documents across reviews, DecisionCenter offers the ability to reuse decisions across workspaces via a series of custom agents, saved searches, and Relativity Integration Points jobs, accelerating review by pointing teams to the relevant documents as early as possible.

Oasis Discovery Partners
LEXI: Ticketing, Invoicing, and Dashboards for Relativity

Oasis Discovery Partners created LEXI, a fully featured project management application—on Relativity—to help solution providers and litigation support departments simplify ticketing, billing, and real-time reporting. Users can customize ticketing, set up automated email updates for project teams, and slice all data, using custom dashboards that update in real time as users drill into the data.

Paul, Weiss, Rifkind
PW Power Print Plus

Paul, Weiss, Rifkind created PW Power Print Plus, which uses the Save as PDF mass action to eliminate the need for print teams to access Relativity. The PDFs are sent to a secure share where lawyers can connect to their self-service interface and send a print request with custom binding instructions. The solution streamlines printing and binding of discovery materials—otherwise only available electronically—for lawyers to bring to trials and depositions.

QMobile Insight

QDiscovery created QMobile Insight to review and produce mobile data in Relativity the same way as other ESI, allowing them to search and analyze mobile data (including emojis) and quickly identify patterns in mobile data sets—which can consist of tens of thousands of texts, call records, and voicemails. QMobile leverages Relativity dashboards and custom views to allow analysis of previously hard-to-handle mobile collections.


RVM built MatterHorn to store historical attorney coding and privilege decisions across Relativity workspaces in a central repository and present them as ‘suggestions’ when previously reviewed documents appear in new matters. Matterhorn’s unique custom hashing process ensures RVM will not miss duplicate documents due to different processing tools. Allowing the team to reuse work product with a scalable solution, RVM is able to reduce costs and risk.

Sandline Discovery
Sandline Review Language Localizer

Sandline Discovery developed a language localizer application that allows administrators to localize workspaces quickly and easily, so any regional review team can improve the workflow for non-English users. Views, layouts, and fields can be renamed with any Unicode character set through a simple and intuitive interface. Their localizer tool gives case teams full control over the naming of each object (for example, using traditional Chinese as opposed to simplified Chinese characters where appropriate).

Swiss FTS AG

Swiss FTS AG built Illuminate to streamline the process of highlighting and commenting on relevant sections of documents during review, by allowing users to annotate specific text within the document viewer and view the location and reasons for their notes in the related items pane. For images without text, Illuminate also allows users to comment at specific locations in a document and jump back to them at any time. Illuminate then allows users to create and print PDFs of all documents with comments inline, so that important documents can be carried into depositions with color-coded comments and notes already included.

Taft Law
Taft Project Management Application

Taft Law built a project management application on Relativity to replace a disjointed process that relied on their document management system, spreadsheets, and emails to understand a matter’s history. The application offers an entire picture of a project, reduces storage needs, creates a more efficient archiving process, and allows team members to pick up a project at any point in its lifecycle, all without requiring Taft to license additional software.

Troutman Sanders

Converge allows clients to process and store data once, in a single “master” workspace, while maintaining individual “child” workspaces for each matter which reduces cost of processing and hosting the same data more than once. Converge has a custom advanced deduplication process so that data can be merged from any source. Converge also allows clients to reuse attorney decisions across all matters to improve consistency and reduce review of the same document multiple times.

The KM

Created by UnitedLex, The KM allows project management teams to generate critical business intelligence in Relativity by aggregating case-specific project tracking data. This information helps identify key trends from historical metrics, leverage old matters to estimate new project costs, and view data growth over time. The KM also includes a repository of internal best practices, workflow and training documents, and historical decisions. To minimize context-switching, the data can be viewed from within the specific matter or rolled up in a master project list.

XACT Data Discovery
BlackBar 2.0

To overcome the challenging process of redacting spreadsheets, XACT Data Discovery created BlackBar, a tool allowing users to redact spreadsheets directly in the native Excel application. When the case team is ready to produce, spreadsheets can be finalized, removing all redacted content and extracting updated text. The newly released BlackBar 2.0 allows color-coded redactions, redaction recovery, improved duplicate record handling, custom mass actions to prepare and finalize bulk document sets, and increased performance.