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2020 FTI Technology-Relativity General Counsel Survey
Analytics for Attorneys
e-Discovery and Seizure Orders under the Defend Trade Secrets Act
Find the Phish: Data Privacy and Data Protection Test and Legal Update
Legal Landmarks Affecting Social Movements and Marginalized Communities
Mobile and Social Media Law Update
Searching Basics for Attorneys
The e-Discovery State of the Union
The International Panel
The Judicial Panel
Wellness 101 for Legal Teams

2020 FTI Technology-Relativity General Counsel Survey: In this session, you’ll get the perspectives of chief legal officers on a variety of issues, including the effect of COVID-19, inclusion and diversity initiatives, and the effect of technology on corporate legal departments.

Analytics for Attorneys: In this session, you'll learn how to use text analytics to explore and assess case documents, as well as how to construct searches to find documents you might have missed using more traditional means. You'll leave with simple and powerful tools to obtain results that would have otherwise been next to impossible.

e-Discovery and Seizure Orders under the Defend Trade Secrets Act: This program provides a brief overview of DTSA seizure orders and spotlights key e-discovery considerations in connection with those orders. Topics for discussion include analysis of the underlying requirements for a DTSA seizure order, the role of technical experts, special masters, and e-discovery providers, and considerations for handling discovery of seized information belonging to defendants.

Find the Phish: Data Privacy and Data Protection Test and Legal Update: Attorneys and data security experts will explain ways to spot phishing attacks and what they can mean for your organization. In addition, we’ll cover the latest in data privacy and data protection law, including enforcement under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which became effective this year.

Mobile and Social Media Law Update: Join us for this program where lawyers examine the legal issues, and leading mobile forensic and discovery experts discusses the technology for dealing with social media and mobile data.

Searching Basics for Attorneys: Ever wondered how Boolean operators function? Is ‘!’ the only wildcard you know? Have you pondered index choices (dtSearch, Analytics, or keyword!)? If so, then this is the session for you. You'll learn ways to narrowly tailor your Relativity searches while avoiding basic assumptions and errors that generate disproportionate review burdens.

The e-Discovery State of the Union: With an entertaining—yet substantive—look at important issues affecting our industry and profession, the e-Discovery State of the Union has become a popular program to gain practical knowledge about issues such as your career in e-discovery, e-discovery legal developments, data privacy, and the latest on data breach law while having fun doing it.

The International Panel: After more than two years of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the 2020 edition of our annual International Panel will look at its effects and what it means for your law firm or corporation. In addition, we'll present legal perspectives from across the globe, updating you on the latest developments in cross-border e-discovery, conflict of laws, and data privacy and protection.

The Judicial Panel: The Relativity Fest Judicial Panel reconvenes for its seventh-annual edition to examine the legal issues of the day in e-discovery, data privacy, and data protection.

Wellness 101 for Legal Teams: It comes as a surprise to no one that lawyers and legal teams are in a high-stress profession, doing high-stakes work on tight time deadlines. This stress puts legal teams at the top of the list for stress-induced problems, such as substance abuse and emotional issues. In this session, you'll learn about wellness from a team of medical and legal professionals.

*This session is not eligible for credits in Virginia.

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